Large assortment of attachments and are developing a wider range each month. The Opro2x attachments do operate in just an up and down motion, they are actually set at a 12 degree angle for a more comfortable and natural feel, along with variable speed control. We use a top of the line body safe silicone on attachments to decrease the chance of any irritation or health issues, although we do offer less expensive attachments.

Tri Fecta




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    Rapid Transit Engineering Inc. (home of the Opro2x) was established in 1975 and throughout the years has been involved in the development, design and fabrication in many fields, from sporting goods to the medical field, along with companies, and working with patent attorneys and their clients in design, development and production. We have been involved in hundreds of products over the years while holding patents of our own. We are an in house research and design, machine shop, and production company. We have found this enables us to be sure of quality control. This also helps us to expedite changes, which we know is very crucial in some of todays markets.

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