The Joystick, will take on a whole new meaning in your life. There is no leaning or shifting around to find just the correct spot, you bring the vibe action to you, with a variable speed and by the turn of a dial you can raise, lower and move side to side then lock into your correct position and enjoy hands free.


The Opro2x has a push button lubricator that dispenses thru the attachments so there is no stopping in the moment searching and fumbling around for lube. All the attachments are quick release and install forward or backwards.


The Vagina, the cap at the back of the Opro2x with just a quarter turn is removable to unlock a world of pleasure. This is not just a vibrator but actually has a variable speed stroking action with silicone liner for a natural feel you won't believe, along with an adjustment for that suction feel,  it also has a variable speed control, you just sit back and let it do its job.



The Clean up, Opro2x removable liner for easy clean up. We have designed the Opro2x for years of fun and excitement, using only quality materials outside as well as inside with precision bearings needing no maintainace .  


The catch trey, along with all hardware is a non-corrosive stainless steel and has a drain tube for simple clean up. UL approved charger and plugs. All dispensing lines and components are of food or medical grade certification and lead free .


The power system is a sealed unit and the Opro2x can run at any angle for 2 plus hours, on one quick charge.  We know as you read and watch the Opro2x in action the different ideas of fun and excitement are endless, we are only human. We have placed retractable hand holds for the guys and a quick release hand hold for the ladies. Although we have some production in process at this time, we feel we need to increase this tremendously on just the interest and feed back shown.  The Opro2x is covered with top grade padded material for easy cleaning with just soap and water clean up. 

Opro 2x - Limited Time / Introductory Price Offer

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    Rapid Transit Engineering Inc. (home of the Opro2x) was established in 1975 and throughout the years has been involved in the development, design and fabrication in many fields, from sporting goods to the medical field, along with companies, and working with patent attorneys and their clients in design, development and production. We have been involved in hundreds of products over the years while holding patents of our own. We are an in house research and design, machine shop, and production company. We have found this enables us to be sure of quality control. This also helps us to expedite changes, which we know is very crucial in some of todays markets.

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