The Opro2x case was designed with a known fact that everyone has different idea of enjoyment. The rugged construction design gives you different positioning to adjust to your preference. Material is an easy soap and water clean up while still being very durable not to mention attractive. Has recessed areas for the Opro2x to be placed to assure no movement in that moment of passion.



Installation of casters for easy transportation yet when put onto a surface sits on four rubber feet also to prevent movement. It has multiple positioning anchors for the adjustability of foot peg locations. Has quick release anchors front and back views for that sex-texting hands free moments. Incorporated D-rings for the bondage excitement you may desire. It comes with locking hasp to prevent anyone from coming onto your playground uninvited. Measures 14in.high x 18in.wide x 21in. long. Foam inserts to prevent movement of the Opro2x in transport, while still allowing room for attachments and accessories.

Opro 2x Case




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    Rapid Transit Engineering Inc. (home of the Opro2x) was established in 1975 and throughout the years has been involved in the development, design and fabrication in many fields, from sporting goods to the medical field, along with companies, and working with patent attorneys and their clients in design, development and production. We have been involved in hundreds of products over the years while holding patents of our own. We are an in house research and design, machine shop, and production company. We have found this enables us to be sure of quality control. This also helps us to expedite changes, which we know is very crucial in some of todays markets.

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